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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Preschool Classroom Smells Like Tricycle Tires

We had quite a storm a few weeks ago, which resulted in our preschool playground shed exploding.  The roof landed on the sandbox, several walls sailed over the fence, but the doors stayed locked to each other and landed on the tricycle path.  As a result, all of the playground supplies are now in my classroom until we get a new shed put up in the playground.

Tricycle tires have quite a strong smell when closed up in a preschool classroom.  This is keeping me out of the room more than the fact that the room is quite crowded with tricycles and other ride ons as well as quite a variety of other outdoor play equipment.

The good news for this is that I need a break from my room to feel refreshed and ready for the new school year.  It also gives me time to play around on the computer and create new things for my classroom.

My latest project is Ocean theme decor items since I am switching up my classroom from a frog theme that I have enjoyed the last two years to something new.  I found some great clip art from Pixel Paper Prints that inspired me to start creating.  So far I have made some calendar numbers and months of the year.
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